About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Husssh is a brand focused on premium Personal Care and Lifestyle technology products. Our goal is to find, design, and deliver quality products to bring comfort and convenience to our customer’s lives. 


Who We Are

Our team is built from folks in the manufacturing, retail, and branding space with over 20 years experience. The team is committed to making and delivering stylish, premium products accessible to everyone. Husssh was founded as a result of our passion to bring to market these products that should enhance our customer’s comfort as they engage in their daily life routines. 


Passion, Experience, and a LifeStyle

Husssh is committed to providing various lines of products for personal car and comfort, all aimed to enhance one’s self and one’s everyday life. From Fans, Humidifiers, and many more products all focused allowing our customers to live a better life.  All our products are meticulously reviewed and tested to meet the highest design and quality standards.

All Husssh products are backed by industry-leading warranties.


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